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Illustrations by Junichi Nakahara (1913-1983)

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Stained glass windows depicting Richard Plantagenet and Anne Neville, the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, and George Plantagenet and Isabel Neville, the Duke and Duchess of Clarence,at Cardiff Castle in South Wales

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Images from The Book of Kells, ca. 800

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Tokyo Ghoul // EP 12

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Anonymous asked: could u please tell ur friend shim jung love she's a little pussy for turning off anon just because i gave her a little criticism?




Here’s what I could do.

I could publish every IP address you’ve used to access this blog, ask the homin fandom if they know a shipper who commutes from New York to Rutgers, and then—because the message you sent shim-jung-love constitutes actual harassment and your behavior is escalating—I could submit a complaint to Optimum—your service provider—and/or your university, whose code of conduct you are currently violating.

See, the thing about being anonymous on the internet is, you’re not actually anonymous. Being a cyber bully and harassing San, then her friend through her because you feel entitled to something, and then whining about how you can’t harass people anymore cos they’ve taken away your ability to hide behind the internet, isn’t that (more than) a bit immature? San was nice enough to not want to publish this; clearly shim jung love and I are tired of seeing her being harassed on tumblr and told her to fucking do. The fandom is not any person’s place to dictate how it should be run and who can play in it. You’re upset because she doesn’t write homin anymore? Can ya fucking see why??????? 

San does nothing but give to the fandom. Go give her some love back.

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