Reality continues to ruin my life

"‎later that night
i held an atlas in my lap
ran my fingers across the whole world
and whispered
where does it hurt?

it answered
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Frida Kahlo "Looking In Mirror Close-up"

Lola Álvarez Bravo 1944

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North American River Otters

i want

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Illuminated Code from Space, 2014 | Haari Tesla
Artist’s Statement:

"Macrocosm and microcosm is an ancient Greek Neo-Platonic schema of seeing the same patterns reproduced in all levels of the cosmos, from the largest scale (macrocosm or universe-level) all the way down to the smallest scale (microcosm or sub-sub-atomic or even metaphysical-level). In the system the midpoint is Man, who summarizes the cosmos.

"I was doing some researches and I found experiments with miniatures of space so I decided to try my own.

The result has been nebulae, galaxies and supernovae transformed into microorganism.”

Haari Tesla
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omg remind me to never go to cjes picnics (unless it’s with you)

We will be fine, if Junho comes to play along. If not…

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I’ll call this the evil challenge

Tagged by boonies, who is not helping me with my cakes.  

Rule #1: Always post the rules.
Rule #2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked,
then write 11 new ones.
Rule #3: Tag 11 people and link them to the post. I’m shy and this is open to everybody who wants to answer them.
Rule #4: Actually tell them you tagged them. I told you all.

Ok, why this is so long…

1. Your OTP’s gone batshit crazy and decided to do a drama together. Write the drama.

My OTP in real life is already married and I can totally see them doing a surrealistic drama about a couple living in a bathtub full of trouts. Or one of those heart breaking dramas when they lose and find and love each other trough a shitload of reincarnations. 

I’m soppy like this and I’m already crying at the thought.

2. It’s you, me, and your bias, stranded on a mountain. You’re hungry. I’m hungry. Your bias is whining about phone signals. Who gets eaten first.

Probably this happened during one of those let’s-bond Cjes fancy trips. So, meanwhile we’re waiting for Junho to rescue us, and since I can make food from rocks, let’s try to cook and eat the dumb’s phone first.


Now that I think about it, he has probably already planned to eat the both of us from the start. And since we are the hungry ones, let’s eat him together. I’d probably be tired and cold and not willing to cook a thing. (Correction: ESPECIALLY after this afternoon)

3. You’re invited to participate on Roommate season 2. Fill the house with ten of your roommates.

Since I love to bits the girls I was in Seoul with, this already makes seven of us (and I NEED Lucie for 4-in-the-morning mandu and cleaning and Irene’s practical sense or I’ll root in the closet). Then Tablo, his wife and Haru. 

Let’s turn this into a “Maison Ikkoku” Roommate edition with G-Dragon being our landlord.

4. A year after having a baby, the hospital calls to tell you there was an oops and your real kid is with the wrong family. What do you do.

If they ever managed to reach me on the phone, I’ll probably be “Kid, what kid? oh, that…well, too late to switch, it’s mine now, bye, good luck with my progeny”.

5. An unspeakable crime has landed you in jail. What was it and which of us are in there with you (and why).

If it’s unspeakable we should not talk about it but…

I probably tried to steal a really ugly-though-expensive artwork “to preserve the eyes of the humans from this obscenity, your Honor, it was an act of pity”

(My sincere apologies to all the people who went to a museum with me)

I’ll probably be in solitary confinement cause I tend to bite and the lack of books and chocolate makes me upset, so you all are safe. 

6. Your bias pops into your bedroom and tells you he or she will grant you three wishes. Which three.

Definitely financial stability. 

Probably the time to read all the books I want in the world. The clean of the whole earth’s environment from pollutions and from shit humans do.

(if he pops in my room, he’ll probably never go out, that’s why I’m being humanitarian, I’m afraid)

7. If you could rescue four people from SMENT, no questions asked, who would you save.

The Incredibles” taught me about the risks of rescuing people not so willingly to be rescued. So I’ll have a long talk with all my four targets and then decide. 

8. What do you want for your next birthday, and like, try to stay on budget, I’m asking for a friend.

I was thinking this morning that the only thing I’d really, really like, is a proper cake. For once.

(Correction after my almond afternoon: NOT an almond cake)

9. You’ve done it, you’ve procreated with your bias. But he wants to name the baby after a country. Which country do you settle on.

DIBS ON NIUE. I swear it’s an island. 

Please, don’t let him name it after the Holy See, please.

10. Describe someone you love in three words.

My heart’s cleaner. 

11. There’s a giant kpop convention sleepover thing at your house. You convince everyone to play spin the bottle. Which three pairs do you want to see suck face.

  1. Homin
  2. Jaechun
  3. I suck at pairs. 

Bonus, where I answer all the random questions I liked:

You’re one interview away from being hired as ____ (insert preferred role) for your bias! Your bias would be the one doing the final interview. How would you introduce yourself to your bias?

I definitely lack practical sense but I have good taste. I’ve experience in dying hair in multiple colors, we just need the right amount of hair pins. I’ve read almost all the book your musicals are based on for generations and I can summary them for you while you’re dressing. I’m a cat magnet. I know seventy thousand different ways to cook chicken and I come cheaper than take away. Also, I’m Italian, I match your hotel. 

What’s your latest obsession outside the fandom AND Kpop-related-dom?

Trashy nail art. 

In which tags you could spend hours without even noticing it?

Contemporary art tag. I yell a lot at it. It’s refreshing.

If you were a permanent tattoo and you get to choose who gets you, what would it be and where do you want it done?

"I’m not a virgin, Mom" on Junsu’s nape, so he’ll pretty unaware of me for like, a week, but I’ll be under his mother’s eyes all the time.

Do you often dream? If yes, describe your most interesting dream. If no, what was your last dream about.

I often have nightmares but my last ones were lame since I keep dreaming that I need to do another seminar in order to graduate and I wake up screaming. 

Usually, they involve people peeling their own eyes like onions so I generally assume NOBODY wants to read them.

But what if, you can live in your dreams but you can never leave them. Yes or No? Explain your answer.

Shit, no. They are terrifying. 

Who’s your favourite writer/mangaka/comic writer and what is your favourite book/story?

My heart is sold to Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. 

Favourite book, how… 

Let’s say that the book I love AT THE MOMENT is “Dictionary of Received Ideas” by Flaubert,

What’s the earliest childhood memory you remember and how old were you?

I was four and I was watching deers hiding behind my father’s legs.

What advise would you give to your bias?

Marry me, you idiot.

I mean. 

Stop dying you hair, you’ll be bald in your forties.

Whats you KPOP ideal type?

It’s not lying if I answer Tablo. 

If you were a kpop (or a celeb in general) what you think about a fanfic about you?

I’ll read them and send a live-reading commentary to my best friend with a lot of screencaps. I’ll probably laugh at all the pairing I’ll be involved in. I’ll indignantly subtle-tweet my anger when somebody will get my personality wrong and purposely avoid all the fan arts of the ship I’m in. I’ll pledge during public conferences/fan meetings/radio programs/Hello Baby/everywhere to NOT write death-fictions. 

At the acme of my career, I’ll suggest directors to write me dramas based on my fave fan fictions. 

If you’re given a chance to be a part of your favorite fanfic/book/movie/game or whatever, what would it be and what would be your role?

That’s too difficult but I’ll answer you when I have proper time to think about it.

You have 24 hours to be with your bias to do whatever you want. Plan your date!

I’ll make the best out of it and let him have a date with my body.

Whats your favorite ever book / movie?

Ok, this time the movie and I say “Dangerous Liaisons” by Stephen Frears. 

Do you ever wanted to move for a country because of a movie, book or band?

To Sweden, but I was very young and that book lied. 

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I don’t fucking care, man, this adaptation is the best fucking thing in the world

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In the Center of the Lagoon Nebula via NASA


In the Center of the Lagoon Nebula via NASA

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